[fsug-tvm] Chamba Swathanthra Cinema meeting
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Praveen A
2012-08-25 13:49:09 UTC

I hope you folks already heard about chamba open movie project. If not
you can learn more about it here http://www.chambaproject.in/wiki/

Tomorrow (26th Aug Sunday) we are meeting near Shaniwar wada in Pune
to work on storyboard (it is one of the steps in animation movie
making where each scene is drawn on paper by hand).

Don't worry about the distance, you can join online too via IRC. Our
channel is #chamba on FreeNode. If you are new to irc use this link

More details about the meeting here.


You can also join in if you like drawing. You can bring any of your
friends who are interested in drawing or animation as well. Or you can
simply come down and learn more about chamba project and also see how
an animation movie is being made -- all the behind the scene fun and
excitement :) You won't often get to see how a movie is made.

Current status of the story board can be seen at

PS: Share this invitation with any of your friends who might be
interested. Post it on facebook/twitter/diaspora etc
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